How to Start a Blog on WordPress in 2022

Do you want to start a blog website? Are you looking for the basic guide about how to start a blog? Then this guide is for you. Here we share the complete guide about How to start a blog from scratch.

A blog is a type of website where you share the content about any niche. To start creating a blog, you have a basic knowledge about your interest keywords like digital marketing, seo, blogging, make money online, etc.

These types of basic knowledge can help you to build a successful career in the blogging field. So, without wasting any time, let’s move to the learning process of How to start a blog and how to make money from your blogging.

In this guide we cover the following topics related to blogging.

  • Basic Requirements for setup blog website
  • Domain name and Hosting
  • Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting
  • Best websites to buy domain and hosting
  • How to setup blog
  • How to do keyword searching
  • How to do on-page and off-seo
  • Traffic sources
  • How to start earn money from blog
  • Final Thoughts about this guide.

So let’s start with our first topic.

Basic Requirements for setup blog website:

There are a few basic requirements, that you must have to setup a successful blog. If you already fulfill these requirements then you can move to next topic to learn more about these. To start a blog website, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Domain name (.com is recommended)
  • Web hosting
  • Focus Keywords

We also share the introduction of these requirements. If you have any query about these, then you can contact us. We will help you and answer your queries.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is brand name of any website like Here Google is the brand name and .com is the extension of the domain. So for this you need a domain name for your website. I recommend you to buy .com extension domain name because this extension can help you more.
You can also search for domain names from expired domains. Before choosing a domain name from expired list, check the following thing of every domain. If these domains pass this test then you can purchase them.

  • Check spam score (Must be 1%)
  • Check out Google ban
  • Check AdSense ban
  • Check da pa and backlinks (for better seo results)

Hope you got the basic knowledge about domain names.

What is web hosting?

Hosting is disk space where you can store data for your website. These storage provided by so many companies. These companies have a large number of servers that store your website data like database, posts, images and many more. These companies also offer you the different types of hosting plans. Choose the plan according to your budget.

This is the basic introduction of web hosting.

Free vs Paid Hosting

There are many sites available that provide you the free hosting for your website. Like blogger. These sites are free to use and you can build a blog and website easily.
In Paid hosting you need to purchase a server and storage to store your database and website data. Comparison of both hosting options are below:

Free Hosting

  • Limited customization options are provided
  • No tools provided by website
  • Lengthy process to setup blog
  • Free themes available with credit

Paid Hosting

  • Multiple option available
  • Branded email account
  • Free themes without credits
  • Easy seo process
  • Free tools are available

These are the basic comparisons of both types of hosting. I recommend you to buy Paid hosting and get more customizable options.

Here in this guide we also focus on paid hosting.

Best Website to buy a domain name?

There are many sites that provide you a domain names. You can purchase from any site, but here I share the two most popular sites to but domain names for your website.

Namecheap (Recommended)

Best Website to buy a Web Hosting?

Also, there are a lot of companies that provide you hosting for your website. You can also buy from any website. But here I share the best companies to buy hosting for your website.

  • Hostinger (Recommended)
  • Blue host
  • Host gator
  • Siteground
  • Fast commet

Now this is the time to setup your blog website. Open your hosting account and login to your cpanel. In cpanel dashboard, find the wordpress or softaculous application to install wordpress on your domain. Install WordPress and fill in the required information to complete the installation.
After successfully installing WordPress you get a link like this (

How to setup blog post?

Click on this link and you will be directed to your WordPress dashboard. Now this is the dashboard of your website. First you need to complete the basic setup of your website.
Go to page section and create five pages (About us. Term and conditions, dmca, privacy policy and contact us). To create a contact us page you need to install a plugin named (wpform). Setup your form and then copy the short code and paste it into your contact us page.

To creating legal pages of your website, use this website to get free tools to generate pages (

Now install more plugins (all in one seo, insert header and footer). After installation of these plugins, first setup all in one seo plugin and add information of your website to get quickly index in search engines.

Insert header and footer plugin helps you connect and add scripts to connect your website with different sites like Adsense, google analytics, and google search console. This is the best plugins to help you a lot.

I recommend you to install a WordPress theme named GeneratePress. This theme is lightweight and good looking and has more features to customize easily. Buy the premium version to get more options to customize it.

Hope your basic setup of your blog is completed. Now it’s time to do keyword research for blog posts.

Keyword research

To write a blog post you need to focus on the following points:

Try to choose low competition keyword and low difficulty keyword. No matter what volume have. Choose keywords, even they have 100 volume. Because these keywords help you to rank your website or blog in search engines.

There are many tools available in the market like ahrefs, SEMrush, ubersuggest. But here I will tell you about free tools. Use website to search keywords. This tool is completely free and helps you to find low completion keywords. Also suggest you more keywords to use with their volume and difficulty.

After choosing a keyword, now it’s time to write a blog post. Follow the below points while writing your blog post.

  • Your title maximum contains 70 characters (all in one SEO plugin also helps you)
  • Use Keyword in title, url and meta description
  • Try to write more than 500 words of article.
  • Add two or more images to blog post
  • Use sub headings properly
  • Try to use short sentences and short paragraphs

On-page seo and Off-page seo

Now this is the main part that helps us to drive traffic to our blog website. There are two types of search engine optimization. One is on-page seo and the other is off-page seo. We cover the three steps in this guide combined. Because these three points interact with each other.

On-page is used while creating a website or writing a blog. As you know that I already told in above points to install a plugin named all in one seo plugin. This plugin will help you to customize your bog post and website on-page seo.

Also, I already told you in previous steps which points you need to focus on while writing a blog post. These points are also concerned with these topics. In simple word on-page used inside your website and blog post.

Now off-page seo is used after publishing your website and blog post. This method is used to promote and rank your website and post it in search engines. Do following this to complete the off-page seo of every post and website.

  • Index your post link using search console or any webmaster tool
  • Create backlinks to rank your post
  • Submit URL in directories
  • Bookmark your URL using social bookmarking sites.
  • Comment on other top bloggers posts and add your link to get quality backlinks.

You can also use Quora medium and social media sites to drive traffic by sharing your post or website link. But I recommend you to focus on organic search. Create more backlinks and top domain authority sites to rank your post in search engines

How to earn money from your blog.

After completing the blog setup, navigation and pages, now its time to move for earning process. Meet the following requirement to get easy Adsense approval.

  • Your site has a proper navigation menu
  • Your site has legal pages
  • Your site has good look and fast loading theme
  • Your site has 20+ posts.
  • Do not have copyrighted content and images

If you meet this requirement, go to Adsense and connect your website to get approval.

Final thoughts

This is basic guide to start a blog website and earn money from blog. I hope this guide help you more. If you want to learn more about blogging. Try can contact this mentor to learn more. That’s all for this time. Create a blog and start your online income.

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